Best of the Gold Coast 2006

mark fakundiny

Super Silver Linings


We were awarded by Best of the Gold Coast in 2006, and the plaque sent to us is displayed proudly in our Greenwich shop.

Bent, battered, scratched or missing a part, Silversmith can fix almost all the damage that you or the years have inflicted on your favorite silver -- or pewter, copper, and brass.

Silversmith's owner Mark Fakundiny reigns over a luxurious trove of sterling and silver-plate candlesticks, knives, dishes, frames, baby cups and other precious pieces at his modest shop on Greenwich's West Putnam Avenue. Some are for sale; others, repaired, restored, and polished to their former glory, are waiting to be returned to their lucky owners. Mark's father, Wilhelm, and his uncle Albert, founded the business in 1967, and Mark took it over ten years ago.

Silver takes a special type of care. Mark's advice: always wash it in soap and water because dishwasher detergent changes the color, and high heat can cause knives to explode. Occasionally polish it with a good liquid polish and a soft cloth (paste can dull the surface). And beware -- many of his repair jobs are victims of a garbage disposal.

"The business is fascinating," says Mark, whose cousin Mike Billowitz works beside him. "Every job and every piece is different."